Anorexia Complications

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Published: 22nd November 2010
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Anorexia complications fluctuate in degree and in severity. Anorexia in its most fatal complication can result in death. This can come as a big surprise to many since anorexia can lead to death even if the patient is not the least underweight. Anorexia complications can lead to other diseases as well. Anorexia does not merely result in much physical suffering on the part of the individual, however his or her mental health might likewise suffer as well. Let alone the great deal of stress and pressure this could bring to the anorexic.

If a person has been suffering anorexia for a long time, it can result in severe anorexia complications and health problems which can leave an enduring scar to an individual's overall well being just like damaged bones. Individuals with anorexia are prone to great risks of poor blood circulation and cardiovascular problems, weak heart illnesses such as coronary heart problems and abnormal heartbeat or otherwise identified as arrhythmia.

There are circumstances which anorexia can lead to another eating condition. This calls for an individual binge eating, then instantly forces themselves to vomit either though self induced gagging or by means of diuretics as well as laxatives.

Other anorexia complications are asymmetry of minerals within the blood such as potassium, calcium and sodium. These minerals play an necessary role to keep our body healthy. One typical anorexia complication under this is low levels of potassium or also known as hypokalaemia. This can trigger weakness, fatigue, dehydration, and kidney damage.

Low levels of calcium can induce muscles to contract painfully, this is as well known as spasms. The lack of calcium and vitamin D can result in damage to our bones, and the lack of sodium can trigger people to become perplexed.

Anorexia complications can include low blood pressure or hypotension, low blood sugar or hypoglycaemia , anaemia, dental problems like tooth decay due to the continuous vomiting because the stomach acids have an undesirable impact on tooth enamel. There is as well renal failure, liver damage, heart failure, osteoporosis and loss of muscle strength that is more common in girls, loss of sex drive or libido and impotency in men.

These anorexia complications are too many to be taken for granted. If somebody is showing signs of any of these, along with their obsession in remaining thin, then you might be confronted with an anorexic individual that may need your assistance and support.

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