Discussing The Various Types of Discus Fish

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Published: 17th December 2010
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Discus fish are one of the most in demand tropical aquarium fish. Popular for their looks, shades, and color, they're definitely one of the most sought out fish in the world today. There are two various categories about discus fish kinds, the normal, wild discus fish and the cultivated ones.

Among the natural discus fish types is the Heckel Discus which appears a dark stripe down the mid of its sides. The fish happens in red-color and blue varieties. One more discus fish type may be the Green Discus. Like the name indicates, the Green Discus looks in various colors varying starting from dazzling, radiant green to finer, yellowish green shades. Their features are dotted with bright red-colored spots and dark lines. The Brown Discus are one of the most commonly seen discus fish varieties. Brown Discus are more robust than to similar varieties of discuse fishes but are mostly dreary in colour. The Blue Discus usually are very similar in pigmentation of the Brown Discus, other than of course that they feature a blue hue all over their entire body.

Grown types of discus fish are those that bred for fish hobbyists. One particular well-liked varieties of cultivated discus fish is the Turquoise Discus. This type of discus fish comes in both red and blue kinds. All these discus fish types have been produced by cross-breeding several discus fishes. Blue Turquoises are generally blue in color with red-colored and darker vertical stripes while the red-colored variety possess yellow-colored body with horizontally red stripes.

Pigeon blood discus fish are usually recognized with bright bodies paired with red stripes and a black color tail. The Albino Discus have white colored bodies and reddish eyes. The Golden discus fish possess more bright traces, and posses sound yellow-colored bodies patterned with dim white lines and red-colored eyes with semi-translucent fins.

The last variety of discus fish among the developed types are the blue diamond fish. This variety of discus fish are characterized by means of a blue color scale and red-colored eyes. Their fins are usually smaller unlike several discus fish varieties. They also have the yellow color going down below the eyes.

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